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Case Report

Personalized Mechanotherapy: Simultaneous Correction of Posterior Crossbite and Anterior Open Bite in the Presence of Root Shortening

Abdullah Fa, Sangsuwon C, Alansari Sa

Abdullah Fa , Sangsuwon Ca , Alansari Sa

a CTOR Academy, Hoboken, New Jersey, USA

Corresponding Author: Sarah Alansari,

Citation: Abdullah F, Sangsuwon C, Alansari S. Personalized mechanotherapy: simultaneous correction of posterior crossbite and anterior open bite in the presence of root shortening. Innovation. 2020. 3(1):e.1. doi:10.30771/2020.1.

Submitted December 10, 2020

Accepted December 15, 2020

Keywords: Personalized; Mechanotherapy; Orthodontics; Posterior crossbite; Anterior open bite; Root resorption