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Submission Process

INNOVATION is a peer-reviewed scientific journal dedicated to disseminating new scholarly work on all innovations in healthcare and their implementation in clinical practice. INNOVATION’s readership includes STEM researchers, clinician-scientists, clinicians, educators, policy-makers, manufacturers, and the public. INNOVATION is published continuously online.


All the manuscripts to INNOVATION are submitted through our online submission system by clicking in the submission button below.


All submitted manuscripts should be formatted as detailed under the appropriate article type. (here we add link to the page with types of articles) Submission of a manuscript implies that the content has not been published or is under consideration for publication elsewhere. 


At the time of submission, complete the contact information (affiliation, postal/mail address, email address, and telephone numbers) for the corresponding author. Please include also first and last names, email addresses, and institutional affiliations of all coauthors. After the manuscript is submitted, the corresponding author will receive an acknowledgment confirming receipt and a manuscript number. Authors will be able to track the status by contacting INNOVATION Editor -in-chief at


Please submit a cover letter signed by the corresponding author, and include complete contact information for the corresponding author (affiliation, postal/mail address, email address, and telephone number). Please include a brief statement about the Innovation of your work.


All manuscripts are reviewed initially by the Editor-in-Chief and Associate Editors. Only those manuscripts that meet INNOVATION’s scientific aim, scope and editorial standards will be sent for peer review. Each original manuscript is reviewed by at least two reviewers. Manuscript reviewers are encouraged to submit their review as quickly as possible to ensure timely feedback to the authors.


Authors of all articles should be aware of the following guidelines when submitting to INNOVATION. Manuscripts missing any required components of submission will be returned to the authors for correction prior to peer review.


INNOVATION utilizes a conventional single-blind reviewing policy in which the reviewer’s name is always concealed from the submitting Author.

Manuscript Submission Checklist

  1. Cover letter signed by corresponding authors addressed to Editor in Chief, Dr. Mani Alikhani
  2. Manuscript title
  3. Manuscript short title (Not exceed 70 characters)
  4. Manuscript text including a structured or standard abstract, keywords, list of abbreviations, body of the text, references, suppliers’ list, figure legends
  5. Figures (TIF or EPS format), each figure in a separate file
  6. Tables, each one as separate file
  7. Multimedia content. All figures, tables, and multimedia content must be submitted individually as single files.
  8. Appendices
  9. Supplementary files
  10. Appropriate completed reporting guidelines (if applicable)
    a. CONSORT Flow diagram for randomized clinical trialsb.
    b. Observational Studies – STROBE – Strengthening the Reporting of Observational studies in Epidemiology
    c. ARRIVE guidelines for animal studies
    d. Study of Diagnostic accuracy/assessment scale – STARD – Standards for the Reporting of Diagnostic Accuracy Studies
    e. Case Reports – CARE – for case reports
  11. Informed consent or Patient release, if applicable. (download here)
  12. Ethical Committee/Institutional Review Board approval, if applicable
  13. Disclosure forms (ICMJE Form for Disclosure of Potential Conflicts of Interest)
  14. Copyright release statement (download here)
  15. Permissions to reproduce previously published material.
    a. Signed, written permission from the copyright holder for the use of tables, figures, or quotations previously published and their complete references.
    b. Signed, written permission for the use of quotations of personal communications and unpublished data must be obtained from the person(s) being quoted and to be included with the submission

Revising Your Manuscript

Submission Instructions
When you revise your manuscript, upload your revised submission and include the materials listed on this page.


The Editorial staff at INNOVATION performs technical checks when you resubmit your manuscript to ensure that it meets our formatting and publishing requirements.


We recommend that you refer to our checklist of formatting requirements before resubmitting in order to expedite your manuscript through the technical checks. Download the formatting checklist (PDF).


Response to Reviewers and Editors
State and address all specific points made by each Reviewer and Editor. Explicitly state the changes you have made to the manuscript. Upload your response to Reviewers and Editors as a “Rebuttal letter” file.


Revised Manuscript (marked-up copy)
Submit a marked-up copy of your manuscript. Show the changes you made to the original manuscript using the “Track Changes” option in Microsoft Word. Name this file “Marked-up Manuscript” file and upload.


Revised Manuscript (clean copy)
After upload the “Marked-up Manuscript” file, generate a clean copy of the marked-up manuscript by accepting all changes in the marked-up copy. Name this file “Revised Manuscript” and upload.


Figure Files
Upload a TIFF or EPS file for each figure if you have not already done so. Consult our Figure Guidelines for more information about figure requirements.


Figures and supporting information files from your original submission will automatically transfer to your revised submission unless you choose to update and replace them.