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Processing FAQs

What are authors paying for?

Publishing manuscripts in INNOVATION is costly. To ensure that your manuscript is processed as efficiently as possible and to grant open access to all INNOVATION articles under a Creative Commons license, we require authors to pay a fee to cover the publication cost of their manuscript.


Do any additional page or color charges apply in addition to the APC?

There are no color charges for INNOVATION articles, and no other publication charges beyond the manuscript fee.


Does the listed APC include taxes?

Open Access article processing charges are considered electronic services and are subject to local taxes in Canada, India, Japan, Norway, South Korea, South Africa, Russia, Australia and the European Union countries. CTOR PRESS must collect tax and pay it to the appropriate tax authorities. See our VAT/Tax Information page for details.


When do I need to confirm that I wish to publish open access via an article processing charge?

Authors submitting to fully open access journals must confirm on submission that they understand that the journal uses an open access model and that if their article is accepted they must pay an article processing charge. This information is included in the acceptance notification, and authors must respond within two working days if they would like to make their article available open access, by returning the License Agreement Form along with the APC Payment Form.


Can my institution or funder pay the APC on my behalf?

As indicated on the APC Payment Form., authors can request that the invoice be sent to their institution or funder.


What time period do I have within which to make the payment?

Credit card payments are processed immediately.

Usual credit terms are 30 days from receipt of original invoice. Invoices will be chased periodically, but if after 60 days no payment is received, the author will be contacted.

Failure to pay invoices within the stated credit term may result in restrictions placed upon authors’ ability to publish with CTOR PRESS in the future, involvement of a third-party debt collection agency and legal proceedings. However, CTOR PRESS recognizes that often authors do not pay themselves and if an author’s institution is to pay the APC, it may take some time for an invoice to be paid.


What is the invoicing and payment process for authors based in Japan?

  • Consumption tax will be added at the Japanese standard rate.
  • No receipts will be issued from CTOR PRESS. Authors are advised to keep a credit card bill or copy of bank transfer as the receipt.
  • No invoices will be issued for credit card payment. A specific credit card payment URL will be sent via email.
  • Invoices will be issued by institutional names only and will be sent to the address entered.
  • Payment method cannot be changed.
  • The billing date will be the date when CTOR PRESS processes the request and is unchangeable.


Are APC fee waivers available?

The APC will be $900 for each accepted manuscript, with the following exceptions:

1. For authors from low- or low-middle- income countries (as designated by the World Bank) the APC will be $450 for each accepted manuscript.

2. For each manuscript deemed by the INNOVATION Board of Editors to be exceptional, the APC will be waived (country of origin will not be a consideration).

3. No APC will be applied to Editorials or Correspondence articles (no APC Payment Form is required for these submissions).


What is your APC refund policy?

CTOR PRESS will refund an APC if an error on our part has resulted in a failure to publish an article under the open access terms offered to the authors. This may include the failure to make an article openly available on the journal platform, or publication of an article under a different Creative Commons license from that selected by the author(s). A refund will only be offered if these errors have not been corrected within 30 days of publication.

If you become aware of an error in the open access status or licensing of your article, please contact INNOVATION immediately (

APCs will not be refunded when articles are retracted as a result of author error or misconduct.


How will readers know that articles are available open access?

Open Access articles are clearly marked with a Creative Commons license.